So Much Music, So Little Time!

Time is precious when you are a working DJ. Travelling takes so long, studio commitments, recovering from Jetlag, so when do you have time to sort your tracks out. Especially when it takes so long ploughing through literally hundreds of pages of digital sites to find even one half decent track...and not to mention the piles of e-mail links sent to you daily.

Who Are You To Sort My Tunes Out??!

Having been a DJ for 20 years, and worked in record shops for 14 of them, 10 years managing 3 beat records and selling tracks weekly to Sasha, Tong, Digweed, Timo Mass, Howells, Nick Warren, Groove Armada, Lawler, Seaman, Graeme Park and so many others, Steve has more experience than just about anybody to be trusting with your musical selections. It used to be vinyl, now times have changed, and so this service was born. We already have this service up and running for several DJ's listed in the DJ Mag top 100 proving invaluable to them.

Personal Shopper?

Yeah pretty much a personal shopper, selecting tracks that are relevant for you - but using vast musical knowledge to find those secret gems, so your music is uniquelly sourced, relevant, new, exciting and different to anybody else who is uses this service. Also, not just the top 100 charts,anybody can do that.. the skillis the searching and digging for the gems... plus its not just buying online, sifting through the masses of e-mails in your inbox takes forever, we do that too..

How Does It Work?

Each week your personal selection is sent to you, depending on what works for you - the tracks can be sent over to you by CD or via links so you can download your tracks when its convenient to you wherever you are in the World.

Lets Talk More...

Call Steve on 07798 940 322 or e-mail