DJ Decks

Need To Get Your Track Signed?

n a nutshell.. We have the connections and the knowledge to help you get your music signed. With contacts small independant labels to the majors, we are here to help you.











Have A Track/Label That You Want To Get To The Hands Of The DJ's?

We can do this, by directly putting the tracks in to the inboxes of the dj's. Superstar DJ's, Radio dj's, Resident dj's, Commercail DJ's.. whatever you're after we have the contacts, the respect and the knowledge of how to get your track to thos that matter.








Production Management

If all you want to do is make tunes, and not be bothered with teh hassle of the behind the scenes paperwork and slugging your music to labels , in return getting the kock back - We are looking for artists/production outfits to help manage, to help them get thier work released and to get remix work for them... is that you? contact us now...